Buyer's peace of mind

Buyer's peace of mind

Our guarantees, offers and promises

Learn about our change of mind guarantee, offers and the Levande Promise.

Six-Month Change of Mind Guarantee*

To give you added peace-of-mind if you decide to leave the village.

Free Trial Stay Offer**

Freedom and flexibility to try before you buy at select villages.

The Levande Promise

How we strive to deliver the retirement you deserve.

Our Six-Month Change of Mind Guarantee* explained

A refund* in the unlikely event you change your mind.

What it is

We’re so confident our incoming residents will love their new retirement lifestyle, we offer a Six-Month Change of Mind Guarantee*. It’s our promise that if you choose to move out within six months, we’ll refund any amounts paid* to Levande for your home.

What it means

Flexibility to change your mind in the first six months of retirement village living

A refund of everything you’ve paid to Levande (third-party costs like utility bills, removalist fees and solicitor fees not included)*

Terms and conditions* apply

Our Free Trial Stay Offer** explained

Move in to a participating community for two weeks, free of charge.**

What it is

We know that moving to a new community can be a big, even daunting step. This offer is designed to make it a little easier by letting you see how you like living in one of our vibrant retirement communities before making any final decision.

What it means

Available to all prospective residents

You can make up your mind about retirement living without having to commit

Terms and conditions** apply

The Levande Promise explained

We’re committed to delivering the best retirement living experience.

What it is

Our Promise at Levande is to create retirement communities that are vibrant communities bursting with exciting new pursuits. Enjoy the support of like-minded, caring neighbours, and benefit from community discounts and exclusive products and services.

What it means

A community of like-minded people

A high-quality, low-maintenance home

Access to a range of benefits

Easy-to-understand financial requirements

Assistance and care when needed

Guarantee and offer FAQs

We’ve put together a list of questions and answers about our guarantees. Feel free to contact us through any of the methods listed below if you have any further questions.

Contact Us

Get more information or take the next step on your retirement journey.

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