What's around us

What's around us

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With location comes lifestyle, and Golden Ponds will keep you living life to the full. From beaches, shopping centres and local markets – you really are living amongst everything you need!

There's nothing short of things to do around the Golden Ponds community in Forster!

Experience Main Beach's "The Bull Ring" Ocean Bath and Wallis Lake's aquatic wonders. Convenience meets culinary excellence at Stockland Forster Shopping Centre and Bostin Brew & Co. You can also explore local markets for vibrant produce in Forster's coastal charm.

Main Beach


Discover the ultimate coastal escape just moments away. Explore Main Beach, home to the renowned "Bull Ring" Ocean Bath and nearby BBQ facilities. Wander into town for shopping and café delights- such as Beach Bums Café, open daily for breakfast and lunch. Venture to One Mile Beach, Pebbly Beach, and Burgess Beach, all within a short walk. Embark on scenic coastal walks and immerse yourself in breath-taking views. This is your perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, waiting to be experienced!

Wallis Lake


Immerse yourself in aquatic bliss at Wallis Lake, a haven for water enthusiasts. Experience a symphony of activities – from boating and fishing; to swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. The crystal-clear blue waters invite you to explore their depths and revel in the thrill of adventure. You can also witness the dolphins, a daily spectacle at both the beaches and the lake.

Stockland Forster Shopping Centre

Location: Breese Parade, Forster, NSW, 2428

Phone: 02 6554 5044


Experience the convenience of Stockland Shopping Centre, a mere 2km drive away. Our village bus provides a hassle-free transportation option, dropping off on weekdays from Monday to Friday at 9.30am and returning at 11.30am, with a fare of just $2 each way. Nestled alongside is the local library, and the artistic haven of Forster Art & Crafts awaits just across from the shopping centre. Whether you're seeking retail therapy, literary delights, or a brush with creativity, these attractions form the heart of your vibrant community experience.

Bostin Brew & Co. At One Mile Beach

Location: Palmgrove Pl, Forster, NSW, 2428

Phone: 0428 760 688


Nestled beside Forster's picturesque One Mile Beach, Bostin Brew & Co beckons with a culinary haven that captures the essence of coastal indulgence. Delight in their meticulously crafted menu, a fusion of ocean-inspired flavors and local produce. From sunrise to sunset, this charming eatery offers a relaxed ambiance accompanied by the rhythmic waves. Immerse yourself in their rich coffee blends and delectable dishes that celebrate the region's finest. Bostin Brew & Co promises an exceptional dining experience that harmonises great food, stunning views, and the essence of Forster's coastal allure.



Enjoy yourself in a tapestry of local markets, a treasure trove of flavours and experiences. From the Wingham Farmers Market to the Thursday Produce Market and Coomba Growers Market, these vibrant hubs offer fresh produce galore. Wander through stalls adorned with colourful fruits, vegetables, and artisanal delights, making each visit a day of culinary exploration. Whether you're a food enthusiast or seeking a delightful outing, these markets encapsulate the essence of community, connection, and the Forster's abundant offerings.