Terri's 30th Anniversary

Terri's 30th Anniversary

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Village manager Terri Winn has this month notched up 30 years at the helm of Levande's Bay Village Lifestyle Community.

Terri, the dedicated village manager at Levande's Bay Village Community for the past 30 years, has warmly welcomed and supported countless residents- fostering a true sense of community.

As Christian MacIntosh, SA Area Manager, acknowledges, "Since Terri joined in 1992, she has been a dedicated and committed village manager to our team and residents, fostering a true sense of community."

Her familiar face has played a crucial role in supporting retirees to live independently, while her contributions to the wider Victor Harbor community have had a positive impact through volunteering and fundraising efforts.

Terri's thirty years of service have transformed Levande's Bay Village into a thriving and supportive home where residents can connect, thrive, and make a lasting impact.