Lincoln Gardens Supports 'Willing & Able'

Lincoln Gardens Supports 'Willing & Able'

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Levande Lincoln Gardens is supporting 'Willing & Able', a local organisation that provides employment to individuals with disabilities and promotes sustainability.

Are you aware of the incredible initiatives happening at Levande Lincoln Gardens? Our residents are actively contributing to our local community, particularly through our longstanding support of 'Willing & Able'. This organisation is dedicated to creating meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with mild to moderate disabilities.

Lincoln Gardens has been supporting Willing & Able as early as February 2019, when Village Manager, Sandi Hayes, started working here. Since then, our community has been actively involved in helping this wonderful cause.

Twice a year, many of our residents participate in Willing & Able's pickups from our community, donating high-quality items suitable for resale in their local op shop. They also contribute old sheets and towels, which are repurposed into rags, benefiting local cleaners and mechanics.

Willing & Able even take in old X-rays! Why? It's because X-Rays contain silver in the form of halides, and Willing & Able ensures these are properly recycled.

At Levande Lincoln Gardens, we pride ourselves in our efforts to support local businesses and promote sustainability to help make a significant impact on our community. By supporting Willing & Able, we not only provide employment opportunities for those with disabilities, but also help in benefitting the environment.

To learn more about 'Willing & Able' and the impactful work they do, visit their website at