Lincoln Gardens' Little Green Bin Project

Lincoln Gardens' Little Green Bin Project

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Levande Lincoln Gardens participated in the 'Little Green Bin Project', to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

From 2020-2021, Levande Lincoln Gardens collaborated with the Port Macquarie Hastings Council and an external consultant for the 'Little Green Bin Project'. What we learned from this initiative continues to have a positive impact within our community.

The 'Little Green Bin Project' marked a significant milestone in our commitment to eco-friendly living, with an aim to implement sustainable practices and reduce waste within our community. From this project, every resident received their green bins and bags and we saw remarkable improvements in waste reduction and landfill diversion, with a 55% decrease in organic landfill being incorrectly thrown out!

Because of our participation in this project, our residents can still enjoy the benefits of free green bags from our waste provider. Every villa now proudly houses their 'Little Green Bin' in their kitchens, demonstrating our ongoing dedication to sustainable living.

We are very proud of our residents in continuing to use sustainable practices to help make Levande Lincoln Gardens more environmentally friendly.